A Stealthy Norwegian Mountain Lodge

A Stealthy Norwegian Mountain Lodge

Snøhetta has offices all all over the world, but its headquarters and roots are in Oslo, and most of its more imaginative constructing styles are found during Scandinavia. Recognized for its liberal use of concrete, Snøhetta’s structures are commonly bold, frequently with swooping curves or angled extensions that jut like substantial sails.

The Åkrafjorden cabin, then, is a research in distinction: It blends in so nicely with the landscape, it is like a element of the landscape.

Not what one particular might count on from this self-assured company. But the lodge is oriented towards hunters and it makes a stealthy footprint. The entrance wall and roof resemble a concrete wall that shed desire in standing upright and little by little folded more than, but the design is from two curved metal beams related with a continual layer of hand cut logs of timber on leading, which is then protected with grass. The sides are area stone and tar-handled timber and glass. The inside is just 376 sq. toes, but it can slumber approximately two dozen.

“Our challenge in this undertaking was designing a mountain hut of most 35m2 with services for 21 people,” Snøhetta writes. “In buy to accomplish place for a sum of friends in a very small room, we discovered inspiration in outdated traditions: a central hearth as the accumulating stage. The beds alongside the partitions performs as seating in the night – just one home furnishings for the social, feeding on, and sleeping. A slim zone by the entrance has machines for cooking and storage.”





Weekend Cabin is not essentially about the weekend, or cabins. It’s about the longing for a feeling of spot, for shelter set in a landscape…for a little something that speaks to refuge and distance from the day-to-day. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create composition in techniques to take into account the earth and sky and their put in them. It’s not worried with ownership or real estate, but what persons make to satisfy their goals of escape. The extremely time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a non permanent respite.

Photos by James Silverman

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